Kolbe Power Group

We create alternative energy that improves quality of people’s life without causing harm to environment.

Company operation

The field of expertise of LLC “Kolbe Power Group” is aimed at developing alternative energy market. By using cutting-edge innovative technologies, electricity and heat are produced from sustainable energy resources (wood chip, straw) which reduces use of primary energy resources (gas, coal, oil).

Core values

  • Environmental friendliness
    • We are responsible for environmental care towards consumers, society and future generations. From the perspective of atmosphere contamination wood chip is pollution-safe fuel compared to bituminous coal. During the process of its burning carbon dioxide emissions equal to the amount absorbed by the plant during its growth. That results in reduction of greenhouse effect and risks of acid rains, in reduction of defoliation of wood plants and finally it results in saving forests.
  • Movement
    • We are moving forward to the client, colleague, society investing in regions, as well as programs of development and innovation.
  • Progress and development
    • We are constantly looking for growth areas for our technologies. It allows us to be against the clock and to be the Company of tomorrow.
  • Flexibility
    • Our solutions are complex and completely adapted to all consumes in the field.


  • Mini — TPP in Kovel
  • Mini — TPP in Korosten
  • Mini — TPP in Busk